Welcome to the Adrenaline Tour - the awesome Quad and Motorcycle Stunt show, starring Jason Smyth. Jason is one of the UK's leading quad bike and motorbike stunt riders, with many years of experience in top level Motocross.

In addition to his Motocross career he has perfected many tricks and now provides an unrivalled motorcycle display for arena entertainment.

The motorcycle stunt show includes everything from motorbike stunts with wheelies and stoppies to quad stunts which include hair raising quad freestyle jumps 30ft in the air. Audiences today have greater expectations and want to experience acts that excite and give them that adrenaline rush!
With Jason Smyth, an ex world championship motocross rider and now the UK's leading quad bike and motorbike stunt rider, you are sure to get this.

The Adrenaline Tour stunt show is ideal for your main ring show attraction, corporate event or arena entertainment. We can give events that all important WOW factor, and are sure to draw the crowds that every show desires.